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Our Home Health Care Business Start up Package includes

ALL of the following professionally formatted, comprehensive documents in WORD and EXCEL format and are all FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE so you can add your Company logo, customize footers, and make changes to meet your company needs.

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Start Up & Operations

  • Comprehensive Home Health Care Business Start up Guide including a Step by Step Guide on how to start a medical or non-medical home care business specific to your state (50 states): Starting your business, naming your business, creating a tag line, choosing a business structure, financing options, office requirements & setup,  banking, licencing requirements, business and employee taxes, Insurance requirements, choosing & retaining quality employees, background checks, payroll including required government forms, becoming a Medicare provider, advertising & marketing your services, building a referral network and contracts and agreements. State specific guides include contact numbers, addresses, and website links for registering, licencing, Federal Employer Identification Number, State Income Tax Withholding, Unemployment Compensation, Workers' Compensation, & State Management of Medicaid.
  • Home Health Care Business Plan Samples for medical and non-medical home care including: Executive Summary, Company Services, Management, Industry Analysis, Recent Trends, Market Analysis, Target Customers, Competition, Market Strategy, Pricing, Location/Premises, Personal & Staff, Insurance/Environment/Government Regulations, Confidentiality & Critical Risks, Investment, and Financial Requirements & Expenses.
  • Business Plan Guide for Start up Businesses (30 pages)
  • Business Plan Guide for an Established Business (29 pages)
  • Home Health Care Revenue/Expense Calculator with Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Depreciation, and Cash Flow Worksheets. (Excel)
  • Competition Research Guide Worksheet with Questions (4 pages)
  • Sample Phone Scripts for Various types of calls (10 pages)
  • Customer Telephone Inquiry & Follow-up Sheet Template (Front & Back)
  • Rate Schedule Sample with Services
  • Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct Manual (12 pages)
  • Nursing Facility Staffing Contract Agreement Sample (7 pages)

Customer Relationship and Care

  • Client Agreement/Contract (3 pages)
  • Client Information Profile and Contact Template (5 pages)
  • Client Home Site Assessment Form (2 pages)
  • Client Pet Care Assessment Form
  • Client Medication Record Form
  • Client Incident Report Form
  • Home Service Assessment Form & Care Plan (2 pages)
  • Personal Care Assessment Form & Care Plan (2 pages)
  • Medical/Nursing Care Assessment Form (5 pages)
  • Client Service Quotation Care Plan Form
  • Home Service Activity Log / Flow Sheet Template (Front & Back)
  • Personal Care Activity Log / Flow Sheet Template (Front & Back)
  • Multidisciplinary Notes Form
  • Supervisor/Owner Visitation Checklist Template (5 pages)
  • 24 Hour Client Routine Profile Form
  • New Client Introductory Letter Sample
  • Customer Inquiry Letter Sample
  • Customer Compliant Record Form
  • Service Quotation Form

Human Resources

  • 30 Page Employee Handbook Manual including: Confidentiality, Probationary Period, Uniform, Dress Code, Workers Compensation, Remuneration, Hours of Work, Overtime, Holidays, Health Benefits, Time Off, Sick Time, Job Description, Classifications, Conduct, Phone Usage, Gifts and Advantages, Work Related Travel, Client Related Travel, Internal Training, External Training, Privacy Notice, Use of Personal Information.
  • Employee Application for Employment Template (4 pages)
  • Employee Interview Questions Form with Evaluation Template (3 pages)
  • Interviewer Tips (2 pages)
  • Nurse Competency Test Sample (5 pages)
  • Nurse Contractor Agreement/Contract Sample (3 pages)
  • Employee Reference Check Question Form
  • Employee Employment Agreement  (2 pages)
  • Employee Letter for Hire Sample
  • Employee Letter of Understanding Sample
  • Employee Confidentiality Agreement Sample
  • Employee Insurance Confirmation Form
  • Employee Offer of Employment and Hiring Checklist Template
  • Employee Profile Form (to assist matching client with employee) (4 pages)
  • Uniform Deduction Agreement Template
  • Hepatitis B Waiver Template
  • Influenza Vaccination Waiver Template
  • Consent for Drug/Alcohol Screening Template
  • Employee Record of Training Template
  • Employee Performance Evaluation Template (5 pages)
  • Letter – No Position Sample
  • Letter – Position Filled Sample
  • Caregiver/Home Aide Job Description
  • CNA/Personal Care Worker Job Description
  • LPN/LVN Job Description
  • RN Job Description
  • Community Liaison Job Description
  • Employee Timesheet Template
  • 5 Unique Recruitment Ad Samples
  • Caregiver Recruitment Poster Sample

Employee Training Manual with Key Points and Quizes

  • Workplace Safety: Proper lifting techniques, fire safety, fall prevention, infection control, WHMIS, and personal safety (27 pages)
  • The Aging Process: Normal & abnormal changes in aging with skin, bones, heart & circulatory, respiratory, sexuality, nutrition, neurosensory, mental, and emotional well being. (26 pages)
  • Personal Care: Body mechanics, transfer & lifting, infection control, mouth care, bathing, hair care, soiled linens/clothing, dressing, skin care, and incontinence. (58 pages) Sales & Marketing
  • Home Health Care Brochure Content Sample
  • Home Health Care Business Card Template
  • Sample Home Care Newspaper Advertisements
  • Sample Home Care Newsletter Advertisements
  • Sample Home Care Yellow Pages Advertisements
  • Home Care Gift Certificate Template
  • Referral Marketing Letter Samples
  • General Marketing Letter Sample
  • Services Summary Flyer Template
  • Alzheimer’s Care Summary Flyer Template
  • Unique Marketing Article for PR

This comprehensive home health care start up guide, business plan samples, business plan guides, manuals, forms, and template package offers information and an array of tools, especially designed for delivering medical or non-medical home care support services. If you are uncertain if the home care business is for you, it will help you make that decision. And, if you decide to go ahead, then it will be a tremendous asset and save you a lot of trial and error headaches. Diligently researched and backed by over 25 years of hands-on experience, the medical and non-medical Home Health Care Business Start Up Package will put you on the fast track.

Receive all the above ready made guides, manuals, forms and templates that you can personalize, customize and print in minutes for only $129.95!

Start home care business!

United States Version - Download Now ($129.95)
Canadian Version - Download Now ($129.95)

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